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Harmon’s Farms Candle Co.

4 ounce Travel Tin - Morning Light

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Morning Light: A refreshing morning walk while the dew is still on the grass and the birds begin to sing. Soft rain, slight melon, and citrus.

4 oz Travel Tin with cotton wick and screw on lid 
Product packaged in linen muslin bag
Approximately 20 hrs of burn time
All natural premium fragrance oil 9%


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Top Diameter: 3"

Height: 4"

Care Instructions

Trim your wick to 1/4 of an inch every time you burn. If your candle has a tied knot cut under the knot before you burn your candle.

Allow enough time for your candle to create a full melted wax pool before extinguishing. This will prevent tunneling.

Do not exceed 3 hours of burn time